Innovation Biomedical Centre

Innovation Biomedical Centre

Innovative Biomedical Centre (IBC) aids the development and successful start-up of spinoff companies based on scientific outputs from the Institute of Experimental Medicine. IBC encourages cooperation between companies, research institutes and investors.
Since 2008, IBC IEM AS CR has been a member of the Science and Technology Parks CR (

Innovative Biomedical Centre (IBC) is situated in close proximity to the Institute in Prague 4-Krc, on the campus of the Academy of Sciences‘  biomedical institutes. Its construction, which took place in 2007–2008, was financed in part by EU funds.

The Science and Technology Parks Association of the CR awarded the Innovation Biomedicine Center accreditation in October 2008.


IBC services for innovative start-ups are oriented in three, closely cooperating directions:


Promoting competitiveness in biomedicine – training in the fields of marketing, intellectual property protection, sales organization, management, financial management, project preparation, grant applications legal acts related to the establishment of companies, public procurement, and assistance in the implementation of good manufacturing practice. Training and coaching are arranged so that startups overcome the most common pitfalls: poorly assembled business plans and financing models, maladjusted relationships and contracts with investors, bad management firms, corporate compliance obligations under the Act, and inadequate protection of intellectual property.


Support for applied research in biomedicine – certified services under Good Manufacturing Practice: sterility tests, sampling sets production, separation and cultivation of stem cells, etc.


Business incubator for spin-off companies – services provided to othercompanies: office and laboratory rental, computer network management, purchasing management, patent and tax services, inventory management, reception, post office, administration and maintenance of real estate, business presentations, finding investors, and assistance in closing contracts. Currently, the business incubator is fully occupied.