PhD position in Developmental Biology

PhD position in Developmental Biology

Genetic control of craniofacial development

Department of Developmental Biology

Project: Genetic control of craniofacial development

How specialized tissues and cell types develop from uniform embryonic stem cells during embryogenesis? What genes regulate this very complex process of cell proliferation and differentiation? Our team attempts to understand genetic basis of selected mechanisms of cell differentiation in mouse embryo with the focus on neural tissue and the neural crest. The project will employ knock-out technologies in mouse and zebrafish experimental models to decipher the role of selected transcription factors regulating development of brain from neural stem cells and facial bones from neural crest cells. We also use bioinformatics to identify the critical genes influencing these developmental processes.

The applicant needs education at the level of MSc. degree in biology, molecular biology or biochemistry.

Terms and place of employment
The position is available at the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic.

Candidates shall send their CV and motivation letter to: