Výzkumné centrum buněčné terapie a tkáňových náhrad

Výzkumné centrum buněčné terapie a tkáňových náhrad

Research Centre for Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair

The project „Research Centre for Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair“ is financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Prague Competitiveness Operational Programme and the State Budget of the Czech Republic. Duration: 1/2011-2/2013


Evropský fond pro regionální rozvoj
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Through the implementation of the project IEM will build up a new infrastructure - a modern center focused on basic research in the field of advanced therapy medicinal products, basic research in the areas of nanotechnology in medical practice and basic research in the field of safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the above two interdisciplinary fields.
The project meets all the specific target area of support 3.1, which is to improve the innovation infrastructure in Prague, allowing higher potential for research and development, strengthening cooperation between R & D base and other entities in the city, improving the practical application of research and development in direct relation to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The subject, focus, and goal of the project

Regenerative medicine and advanced therapy medicinal products is a new trend in clinical medicine, consisting of methods of modern therapy using living cells, genetic information, and nanotechnology. The project aimed to build, under the umbrella of the Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, v.v.i. (IEM), and innovative research centre for basic research of modern therapy including research into the safety and effectiveness of its use.
The project is focused on one of the world's fastest growing directions of research, into the medical applications of molecular biology, specifically in cellular approaches and the use of nanomaterials in biomedicine. The project is closely related to other priorities of the National Research Policy. Notably, these are priority directions 1. Sustainable development (focus on biotechnology, moving away from unsustainable development of extensive medical research), then the direction 4. Material research (focused on biomaterials and nanomaterials) and direction 7. Security research (conditions of safe use of modern medical therapeutic methods and safety of nanomaterials in Biomedicine).

The focus of the project fits into many other important strategic documents such as the OECD and the Report of the Council for Research of the government of the UK.

Research Centre for Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair (hereafter CTTR or Centre) is focused on basic research of advanced therapy products, the safety of their preparation and use (including environmental impact), effectiveness and efficiency, including research on innovative methods of identification, and the mediation of these methods (both information on them and their realization) available to the scientific, medical, and general public.

The investor, owner and operator of the project is the Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, ensuring personnel for the project so as to ensure excellence of the research, thus leading to stable funding through national and European grants available for basic research.
The operation of the research centre leads to a targeted research and improves the situation for highly innovative companies and research institutions that develop products for regenerative medicine and cell therapy in Prague.

The proposed project is in complience with a number of objectives of the BRIS Prague regional development strategy. These objectives are in particular: A2 Support for progressive and high-tech industries in region, B1 Enhancing technology transfer, commercialization of research and development results, and cooperation between research development institutions and businesses and some planned activities, D1 Regional innovation infrastructure development and G1 international cooperation – Prague – a national initiative and innovative research centre in progressive fields of cell therapy and tissue engineering.

The project infrastructure operational phase is further suppported by the National Sustainability Programme.

Department of Tissue Engineering (Prof. Evžen Amler, PhD.)

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Department of Transplantation Immunology (Prof. Vladimír Holáň, DSc.)

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Department of Biomaterials and Biophysical Methods (Dr. Šárka Kubinová)